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Sleep in peace. Wake in joy. Walk in love.

Benjamin, Sunhee & Alethia


Memorize, Meditate & Pray Your Way Through the Bible

The Indwell Podcast will empower you to grow deeper in the Scriptures themselves. Memorize Scripture. Meditate on Scripture. Reflect upon Scripture. Then go to the commentaries and other tools to learn more about the Scriptures. This is the right order for developing spiritual depth through the word of God.




Word of the Week from Pastor Benjamin

Living Hope Christian Center is a multi-ethnic, charismatic, missions-centered church in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area. If you are in the SF Bay Area, you should definitely check it out. In the meantime, you can tune into the Living Hope Podcast either through Living Hope’s website, or through the iTunes Podcast Directory.


Treasuring and Untreasuring

“Where your treasure is there will your heart be also,” Jesus teaches. Treasuring and untreasuring then are what determine the direction of the human will.

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The Call, The Crisis & The Cure

When you’ve been struggling with something for a long time, its easy to begin thinking that you need something more than the love of the Father, the blood of the Son, and the power of the Spirit.

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The Essence of Faith’s Reward

Beneath every spiritual malady in your life . . . every sin, every place of rebellion or pride, every place of disillusionment or disappointment . . . is a struggle to believe that God is truly a rewarder of those who diligently seek him.

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Benjamin was born and raised in Oakland, California, surrounded by the seductions of inner city culture. But early in his life, God set him apart by calling him to the ministry when he was eleven years old. From that day forward, he had one dream: to preach the gospel around the world before multitudes of people.